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Intertruck assembly plant interior

The Intertruck Assembly Plant

Intertruck assembly plant exterior

With over 100 years of experience, International recognises the vast differences within global markets and New Zealand is no exception. As an active member of the Truck Trailer Manufacturer Association and Motor Industry Association, Intertruck understands NZ regulations. Our design team model our range of trucks to every application and to suit our topography and HPMV regulations. Importantly, we care about tare weight.

Under the guidance of Navistar and over a decade of building trucks, Intertruck has earned the reputation for producing the lowest tare weights resulting in the biggest earner in payload. Local assembly provides custom chassis variations to suit tipping bodies, hydraulic blowers, steer axle air suspensions and axle spreads to increase HPMV tables. Our products are backed by comprehensive and competitive warranties through our network of nationwide dealers and service providers.

If you would like more information about the assembly plant, or to book a plant tour, please email

Intertruck assembly plant exterior