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Our history

Intertruck Distributors was first established in 1995 under the name “Central Pacific International Ltd” as an importer of International, Iveco and Seddon Atkinson trucks for the Bay of Plenty region.

In 1997, due to strong customer demand for the American International product lines (which weren't imported in New Zealand or Australia), rather than the regional Australian product, such as the Acco and the T line, Central Pacific International entered into a distributor agreement directly with Navistar. The company was renamed to “Intertruck Distributors (NZ) Ltd.” and secured full dealer status for Cummins and Cat parts and service.

The first American International trucks sold into New Zealand consisted of the 8x4 International 9800, meeting NZ Euro 2 emissions standards, the 7600 Workstar, 8100, 9200 and the 9900. The newer 9800 Euro 3 8x4 was also introduced into the NZ market shortly after it was released into the American market.

CPI Dealership

The CPI dealership in 1995.

First International trucks

First Internationals to arrive in NZ in 1997

Dealership post rebrand

Dealership post rebrand.

In 2004, in order to improve the quality of International’s right hand drive trucks, and to provide localised specifications, Navistar asked Intertruck to consider local truck assembly. After a successful pilot programme, featuring New Zealand's first twinsteer conventional truck, Intertruck built a full purpose assembly plant in 2006, covering 35,000 square feet. Production in this assembly plant would start with 2 models, the 9800 COE and the conventional 7600 Workstar with 6x4 and 8x4 variances of each model. This made Intertruck the only operating truck assembler in New Zealand, a feat which continues to this day.

Cab production

Cabs being built at the assembly plant.

Cab production

The assembly plant production line.

Intertruck assembly plant exterior 2006

The assembly plant exterior

Due to limited Euro 3 emissions standards, designed primarily for the Latin America and South African markets, Navistar agreed in 2008 to allow Intertruck to redesign the 9800 for Euro 4 emissions. As part of the redesign, the cab was raised, new cooling panels were added, new lower cab panels were produced locally and the interior trim was upgraded. The front grill was also elongated in order to meet the new cooling requirements.
Our EPA-04 engine design passed the Cummins USA IQA (Installation Quality Audit), increasing the power of the 9800 from 475hp to 615hp with 2050 lb/ft torque, a difficult achievement by any OEM standards considering the high levels of heat generated by EGR engines.

In 2012, the 9800 required further development to meet Euro 5 emissions. The emissions technology changed from EGR to SCR. Again, Intertruck’s design passed Cummins IQA standards. The cab also received another facelift alongside the emissions changes.

9800 Euro 3

The Euro 3 9800, with up to 500hp / 1850 lb/ft torque for global markets.

9800 Euro 4

The Euro 4 9800, introduced in 2008 with up to 615hp / 2050 lb/ft torque.

9800 Euro 5

The Euro 5 9800, introduced in 2012 with SCR Engines.

In 2013, Navistar approved Intertruck as the only distributor outside North America to sell the International LoneStar. This would be made from a full right hand drive conversion process established at our assembly plant. In addition, the WorkStar 7400 ‘visibility hood’ was directly imported from the USA and the WorkStar 7600, powered by a 13L Maxxforce engine, was re-introduced and assembled by Intertruck until 2017.

International LoneStar

The LoneStar, introduced in 2013.

International 7600

The WorkStar 7600 with the Maxxforce 13L engine.

International 7400

The International WorkStar 7400, with the 'visibility hood'.

The NZ Government’s Vehicle Dimension And Mass Rule (VDAM) amendments in 2014 brought in significant change, providing an advantage for set forward axle trucks. In response to this, and the 9800 needing an overdue upgrade, Intertruck seized the opportunity and remodelled the 9800 from a 1400mm set back to a 920mm set forward axle position.
As the best forward length axle in the COE market, the now rebranded “9870” released in 2015 with a radical new facelift, a new grill and a new cooling package. The 9870 has gained wide market acceptance for its improved axle position, vehicle performance and aesthetics.

9870 Sleeper

The International 9870, introduced in 2015, in a sleeper cab configuration

9870 day cab

The 9870 as a day cab.

9800 Generations

From left to right, the Euro 2, Euro 3, Euro 4 and Euro 5 9800 models, followed by the 9870.

In 2017, Intertruck released the ProStar range. With a Cummins X15 SCR Euro 5 engine, rated at up to 615hp and 2050 lb/ft of torque, it is positioned to be a popular long term model in the NZ conventional range of trucks. NZ Assembly includes 11 model variations between 6x4, 8x4 and 10x4, with more in development. With a short BBC, excellent visibility, great looks and an impressive tare weight.

ProStar sleeper

The International ProStar, introduced in 2017, configured as a sleeper cab.

ProStar day cab

The ProStar as a daycab.

The New Zealand Road Transport Hall of Fame inducted Comer Board in 2018 to honour his contribution into the Road Transport industry, based on achievements to NZ truck manufacturing and improving heavy vehicle design for New Zealand. Comer was the first truck supplier / manufacturer to be selected and at that time the 29th inductee to be presented with this honour.

Also in 2019, Intertruck has developed the world’s first 2nd steer Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS), introduced into the 9870 and ProStar models. It became so popular that it reached 50% of our 8x4 production in 2 years. This option is unique to International, securing new customers in their quest to have tailor made trucks to suit their business and to attract the best drivers in the country.

In 2021, Intertruck invested $20 million into building a new head office and assembly plant, all on one location. The head office includes a truck dealership, parts distribution centre, new and used vehicle sales. In addition, it has a new truck compliance centre and a C.O.F lane, independently operated by Vehicle Testing NZ.

The Assembly plant includes engineering, 2 paint booths and a right hand drive production division. You can read more about our assembly plant here.

The all in one site opened in August 2022.

Intertruck assembly plant

The new Intertruck assembly plant.

Inside Intertruck's new dealership

Inside Intertruck's new dealership.

Dealership and assembly plant, opened in 2022

The new Intertruck combined dealership and assembly plant facility, opened in 2022

In 2023, Intertruck updated the ProStar to the RH model series, utilising the RH cab and an updated RHD instrument panel.

RH T8 tractor spec with ECAS

The RH T8 tractor spec with ECAS.

RH R8 logger spec with ECAS

The International RH R8 logger spec with ECAS.