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International ProStar R8

The International ProStar

A striking and widely accepted North American truck, the Prostar comes with the advantage of being built in New Zealand and modelled around NZTA regulations. International do not sacrifice precious payload, instead we use the right amount of high tensile alloy steel to do the job efficiently and safely for New Zealand conditions.

Designed as the world’s best in aerodynamics, the Prostar is shaped to have the lowest wind drag, slicing through high crosswinds. Drivers enjoy the wide visibility and steeply sloped hood giving a safe feel on the road. The Prostar generates the highest payload increasing your bottom line. This, along with having the highest approval rating and absolute respect from drivers makes the Prostar a winning package for astute operators.


Models: 6x4 / 6x4 LX (Lightweight) 8x4 / 8x4 LX (Lightweight) 10x4/10x6
Cabs: 113" Day cab (2870mm BBC) 139" Sleeper Low Roof (3530mm BBC) 142" Sleeper Sky Roof (3605mm BBC)
Engine - Cummins: X15 e5 SCR Ratings 485hp - 578hp @ 1850lb/ft Ratings 615hp @ 2050lb/ft
Transmission - Eaton: RTLO 18918B - 20918B - 22918B Ultra-Shift MXP 18E318 - 20E318 (2 Pedal)
Steer axle/s - Meritor: (1) MFS 143 Widetrack 6.5 tonne (1) MFS 143 Widetrack 7.2 tonne (2) MFS 143 Widetrack 13 tonne
Front Suspensions: Parabolic 3 leaf, 6.5 tonne Parabolic 3 leaf, 7.2 tonne Electronic Controlled AIR Supension 6.5 tonne (2nd steer only)
Drive axles - Meritor: RT40-14X-5DER-GP, ratios 3.7 - 4.3 RT46-160GP, ratios 3.9 - 4.3 Tri-Drive, RT46-160GP
Rear Suspensions: Air: International Ride Optimised Suspension: General Duty Air: International Ride Optimised Suspension: Heavy Duty Air: Primaxx EX-Generation 3: Heavy Duty Tag: Hendrickson fixed or lift suspension.
Brakes: Cast and Centrifuge drums infused into models. Disc brakes, Bendix system.
Electronic Brake Safety Systems: Bendix Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Bendix Traction Control (TC) Knorr Trailer Control Module-Converts a pneumatic signal to electronic.
Chassis Frames: World leading frame strength, from 762mpa high tensile alloy steel. Maximum 260mm depth, pierced to clients specifications.
Tare weight: NZ's lowest tare cab and chassis; spec for spec, on all models.
GVM and GCM ratings: Individual ratings are subject to drivetrain components installed